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     Welcome to Paul Fish Farms.  We are committed to providing our customers with top-quality

 fish fingerlings and the latest in lake management supplies.  Whether you have a large acre lake or

 a small pond, we can provide you with everything you need to produce healthy, happy fish.  The

 goal   of our  website is to showcase the fine array of products that we carry and also to provide our

 customers with information that they will need in order to create an aquatic environment that 

 works  at an optimum  level.  Please look for links to other websites throughout these pages  and

 also check  out  our Newsletter  section where we provide browsers with timely information on the   

 seasonal  needs of  their ponds and  lakes.  With the exception of fish, almost all of the products

 that  you see on the following pages can be shipped to you.  Just give us a call to place an order for

 a  shipping quote. 




  While online take time to browse our Unique Gifts section.  We carry a variety of gifts that would

 appeal to anyone who likes something a little out of the ordinary.