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 Paul Fish Farms, Inc. is located just north of Bonifay in the panhandle of Florida.  It is a family 

 owned and operated business.  Lee began the hatching catfish in 1987 with only an old bathtub

 and a worn out hot water heater.  Since that time, Paul Fish Farms has grown into one of the

 largest fish hatcheries in the state of Florida.  The farm covers approximately 125 acres and

 currently has 54 ponds located on the site.   Each pond   has a specific species growing off in

 preparation for seining and then sale.  These species include  channel catfish, largemouth bass,

 coppernose bluegill, shellcracker, triploid grass carp, and  gambusia minnows (mosquito fish).


 We also maintain a store on the site of the farm that specializes in lake management supplies

 including the Air Racer aerator—the fish pond aerator that we manufacture at the farm. A more

 recent business venture for us that is indirectly related to the fish farm is our new web site that

 sells fatwood lighter’d online.  During the construction of the ponds, Lee unearthed hundreds of

 lighter’d stumps.  Deciding to make use of this find, he developed www.southernlighterd.com to

 sell the wood online.  We have included some of our products on our unique gifts page, but please

 use our link to view all of our wood products.